Digital Self Service in #ukhousing (and beyond)


Welcome to my resource page for Digital self service in #ukhousing, covering areas like:

  • organisation development of self service;
  • improving the customer journey;
  • benchmarking the best in the sector;
  • from both a customer/tenant and/or staff viewpoint.

If you know of a blog or website page that covers anything Digital self service, then please tweet me @brettsadler77 with a link. Hopefully this in only the start of the links….

#ukhousing based

UK’s first digital-only housing service – RHP

Connected Housing Study 2015 – Visceral Business

Housing Customer Self Service Survey Results – Yorkshire Housing Communications

Your Call – So Good – by Tony Smith

Digital Evolution – Inside housing (sign-up required) – by David Leach, Orbit Group

Trouble on Double Time – by Tony Smith

Digital Adactus Housing – Adactus Housing

How to Gamify Resident Involvement – Adactus Housing

1 in 4 milestone for ALMO’s self-service – Wolverhampton Homes

Derwent Living Technology – Derwent Living

Laying The Strategic Foundations For Online Services – Prodo Housing

Our Digital Journey so far – Halton Housing Trust

Paul Taylor’s blog deserves a special mention of its own – Paul’s posts include how to improving customer experience through digital, as well as lots of other challenging and thought provoking areas related to this.

Outside #ukhousing (but very applicable to #ukhousing)

Combining user research and analytics to improve the user experience –

Beyond Digital: Developing your Data Strategy – Westco

Build better services, not just digital services – DWP Digital



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