My blog posts – a success or failure?

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OK, so I’ve been a bit slack of late with blog posts. I’ve been busy both inside and outside of work, but I thought I would write this one about my experience of writing my blog!

So firstly, I’ve got the grand total of 78 followers for my blog. Considering I started writing it some years ago, this seems pretty poor, right? Well actually, I’ve been constantly surprised by how people mention that they have read some of my blog posts.

I’ll give you a recent example.

My last blog post was titled ‘working out loud’. It has been viewed 28 times, with 1 like. Hardly massive numbers. But I’ve had more than one person share with me that they have read my blog post and more than one positive conversation about its content.

It never ceases to amaze me that I can publish a blog post and feel utterly demoralised that its had so few views, only to find that it has actually made an impact on the very few people who have viewed it. It all depends on how you measure success.

The other consideration is that, although I only have 78 blog followers, I have over 1850 Twitter followers and over 750 LinkedIn links, so actually my potential audience for blog posts is a lot more than I give myself credit for!

So, would you call this a success, failure or at best indifferent? I would love to hear you thoughts…….


4 thoughts on “My blog posts – a success or failure?

  1. This is a really interesting subject Brett and one I was going to post about but you’ve beaten me to it. My thoughts:

    I think it’s really self defeating to view your influence in numbers. I’ve had posts that have been massively successful in number terms but most the stuff I write is viewed by hardly anyone.

    The key thing is to retain a core audience of people who value what you do and build upon it. Even if your last post was viewed 28 times (which I doubt) it may have inspired 28 people to do something differently.

    Last year I got dropped from the Inside Housing 50 panel of bloggers. I’m not going to lie – it knocked my confidence at the time.

    I responded by blogging more regularly and putting more effort into it and – so far – have seen my most successful year ever.

    Ignore the stats – write what you feel.

    1. I’d strongly echo what Paul’s said about ignoring the stats as much as possible.

      Speaking as someone who avidly reads both your’s and Paul’s blogs, but doesn’t often engage afterwards, I can state without doubt that you *are* having an impact, despite it not always being readily obvious.

      Keep at it – both of you – you’ve both got at least one reader / follower who doesn’t miss a word (but will now make a point of letting you know more often!).

      Plus, take heart from one of the greatest writers alive (IMO), Stephen King who, in his rules book “On Writing” advised:

      “First, write for yourself, then worry about the audience”.

  2. I completely agree with Paul, Brett. It’s easy, but wrong, to focus on numbers. I posted a while back and weeks later a guy came up to me about 8 weeks later in a conference and paid m a huge compliment. He added he “felt he knew me from your blog”. He had never commented, so I would never have known. You reach far more people than you realise. Keep posting. I really enjoy your posts mate. Hope the family are all well. Ross

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