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Digital Self Service in Housing – the Survey

digital_vortexWhy bother to invest in online customer accounts, if you don’t promote it?

As a sector it would be fantastic if we could identify the volumes of active online customers of housing services, and to see whether this is taking off?

Following the publication of Connected Housing 2014 many housing providers are looking closely at serving customers better online. The development and take-up of online services should be high up on every housing organisations agenda. Notwithstanding this the need to keep up with more people online, greater expectations of services and strives to improve satisfaction.

Scouring the sector for examples always throws up the likes of front runners Halton Housing and Thames Valley Housing, but who else are doing great stuff online? Who has customer testimonials of doing business with them digitally?

The purpose of creating a survey is to identify and research case studies of where housing has been successful in achieving good take up. As a good place to start we are looking at online customer accounts, as these seem to be adopted by a fair few housing organisations.

It will provide stories of take-up of online services which other housing organisations could follow. From this we can hopefully inspire, gauge momentum and understand why they have been successful, and importantly demonstrate where benefits are being realised.

Therefore, this research will seek to:

  • Understand UK Housing online self-service context;
  • Baseline housing organisations levels of performance;
  • See and clarify levels of expectation of what is or not possible;
  • Learn how organisations promote take-up;
  • See if other factors encourage take-up;
  • Identify the future potential for online customer accounts.

So what can we find out about what has been achieved? Who wants to tell us their story?

We will look to distil the findings and case studies to share with the online housing network. It will also act as a 2015 bookmark, as to what progress has been made and what more there is still to do.

Please spend a few minutes, share and collaborate with your colleagues. You can fill in the survey here.

Thanks for taking part.

@Brettsadler77, @AdeCapon, @hotpixUK


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