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My #powerplayer14 pledges

spidermanI was so pleased to find out that I was in the top 50 alternative digital #powerplayers14 list produced by Paul Taylor and Shirley Ayres. I’m listed alongside some mighty big names from the #ukhousing #digital world which is both humbling and exciting at the same time.

In keeping with other similar pledges like the one made by Rae Watson (also one of my #powerplayers14 nominations!), here are my #powerplayer14 pledges:


  1. With great power comes great responsibility

Seeing as I’ve now been put no.36 out of 50 digital #powerplayers14, I do feel an obligation to live up to this great responsibility. There are some amazing people who didn’t even reach the top 50 – it would be very rude not to. (I’ve also been looking to add this Spiderman quote into a blog post for some months now, so mission accomplished). I’ll have to make sure that any content I push on Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn is suitably ‘#powerplayer14 ish’.


  1. Pushing the Google+ Housing Community


What do you mean you’ve never heard of this? (of course I’m joking, you’re already a member……..). Some months ago I set up the G+ Housing Community. I’m a big advocate of G+ and talk of its virtues to anyone and everyone I can. For me it’s about the possibilities that G+ could represent to housing organisations. Come and join us for the ride.


  1. Continuing to spread the digital message

One thing I have been doing for several months now is pushing the positive reasons for organisations and individuals going digital and being connected. I’m always talking about this to pretty much anyone I meet, both internally and externally. I’ve seen first hand the power of social media and being digitally tuned in – just look at me. I never would have guessed I’d be on a Power players list of and kind for being digital and just a few years after getting on board, here I am, ‘living the digital dream’.


  1. Keep on blogging


I’ve been writing a blog for several months now and covered lots of digital, social media and housing subjects. I’ve had some great responses to what I’ve blogged about and recently passed 50 ‘likes’. Some months ago I also reached the milestone of having 2,000 views of my blog and after a (friendly) challenge from Andy Johnson about setting my next target, I set this at an ambitious further 2,000 views by the end of the year. Although yes, it’s not just about volume, it’s about content. Hopefully I’ll manage both?


So these are my four pledges for the year. I do hope that the top 50 #powerplayers14 will add their personal pledges as well.

One final thought – I wonder how different the #powerplayers15 list will look? Thoughts on a postcard, or comment below on this blog, or on Twitter, or on Google+……………..


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