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So what exactly is Kred??


Have you ever heard of Kred ? The first time I heard the name was in The Visceral Business Connected Housing Report. Being the inquisitive type, I had to find out what this was about.

The recently published Visceral Business Connected Housing Report is a very interesting report, not only because it focused specifically on social media and housing, but it also used Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Kred to ‘track performance (of housing associations) on key platforms and measures of digital service availability’. The document itself looks impressive enough – it even had a league table at the back. But what prompted the use of Kred along with the more obvious and expected social media platforms?

To find this out, I duly logged in to Kred. One of the first things I noticed is that it was very easy to sign up to, by using my Twitter account. Within seconds my screen was filled with lots of boxes showing the conversations that I’ve recently had, along with my Kred score or 544 / 4. The next obvious question – I wonder what that all of these boxes mean?? Is this a good, bad or indifferent score???? (I hope it is a good score!)

What I found out is that the 544 relates to my influence and the 4 relates to my outreach. I’ll refer to Kred’s descriptions here for what each term means:

Kred Influence – goes up when somebody mentions, retweets or replies to you

Kred Outreach – increases when you mention, retweet or reply to someone else


The above screenshot shows some of the detail you can get from Kred. As you can see, my Kred score has increased slightly to 567 influence. This was after about 3 weeks of using Kred.

Well, that seems refreshingly simple to see how it’s worked out.

Interestingly, Kred also have users grouped together in ‘communities’, meaning it’s easy to find who is the most influential or has the most outreach in any one of the identified communities, like say Social Media.


As shown in the above screenshot, my three areas are listed as Nonprofit, Golf and Health. I can understand Nonprofit and Health (in terms of welfare reform), but I’ve never mentioned Golf once in any of my tweets! (This has really got me stumped………if anyone can shed some light on this I’d be very grateful)…

What I find most interesting is that The Visceral Business Connected Housing Report used Kred amongst the more established Social Media platforms. It seems that Kred is gaining in popularity (aren’t most Social Media platforms though?) and certainly seems to lend itself really well to organisations and businesses using the tool to ensure they are getting the best influence and outreach possible, to get their message out there, in their communities.

The acid test question for me though is, will I keep on using Kred? Only time will tell, but on the evidence of the first few weeks use of Kred, I tend to think I will. Importantly for me, my Kred score has remained stable over the past several weeks of using Kred. This I like as it seems more reflective of what I am doing longer term.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me, I need to raise my Kred score……………..

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3 thoughts on “So what exactly is Kred??

  1. It may be paranoia on my part, but I notice that so many Tweeters get hacked and spurious messages get sent on their behalf. For this reason I have so far resisted allowing agencies such as Kred access to my Twitter account. Am I being unreasonable here – just how safe are these sort of sites? OK if run by Twitter themselves (one would hope!) but who knows about the credibility/honesty of so many “helpful” Twitter tools? Your thoughts?

    • I think your concerns are valid regarding security, but I think that ‘hackers’ get in via twitter accounts through sending dubious messages through the Direct Messaging facility on Twitter. My rule of thumb is, if it looks even slightly questionable, don’t click on the link! I’ve been on Kred and Klout for some months now and haven’t had any issues (as yet).

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